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Typical calabrian treats!

Being on holiday in Calabria means above all preparing your tastebuds for flavours that you’ll never forget. Here are three delicious treats which absolutely must be sampled!

Brioche with ice-cream

You can find ice-cream all over Italy, and it is also commonplace to find brioches for breakfast in the morning. But very few people (unless they have already been here) have tried the perfect combination of locally-made ice-cream and soft brioche, which is unlike any other.  This unique and inimitable delight comes only from here and Sicily – and is well worth the journey!

Bergamot granita

The area famous for its granitas is without doubt Sicily… But we can assure you that in the regions of Vibo and Reggio Calabria, you’ll taste the best granitas in the world!  And to make it even more typical, we would recommend you try the bergamot flavour, which is a typical Calabrian citrus fruit, with a multitude of beneficial properties.

The unmistakeable flavour of the “green gold of Calabria” lets you dive into the authentic taste of our land, and when combined with the creaminess of a granita it makes a really refreshing treat… Perfect in hot weather!


This is not a common summer dessert, and arguably would taste better by the warmth of a chimney at Christmas, but it is still worth finding them and trying one!  They are called Chinulille: they look like large ravioli but inside them you’ll find delicious Calabrian ricotta.


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