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Locri, Gerace e Stilo

A cultural excursion which reveals three towns with surprising histories.

It starts with Locri. Situated in the Reggio Calabria province, it is one of the most ancient colonies of Greek origin in Calabria and dates back to the 8th century BC.  We will visit the archaeological park and the museum.

In the late morning we will leave the ancient Greek colony to continue our tour to another little Calabrian jewel: Gerace. The town, now a national monument, is of particular historical and cultural interest and in 2015 it was ranked the 7th most beautiful town in Italy. Entirely created in Medieval times, it has a charming typical historical centre and a beautiful cathedral of major importance (the largest in Calabria): the Church of San Francesco from 1252.  We will also view the remains of the Norman castle.

After lunch there will be some free time to visit the town before the final stop:  Stilo. The hometown of the philosopher Tommaso Campanella, it has been called the “sun city”.

The famous “Cattolica”, a Byzantine church, has a special historical and cultural appeal as it is the oldest in Calabria, dating back to the 9th century.

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