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The Coast of the Gods

55 km of natural beauty. Long, white sandy beaches, bays, cliffs, coves, multi-coloured marine depths, views and sunsets like nowhere else on earth.  Historical towns, ancient fishing villages, museums, traditions and culture to discover, enjoy and savour.

The Coast of the Gods is all this and so much more. The famous Calabrian horn is a colourful section of the coast which is so rich and inspiring that it is difficult to do it justice in words.  So we prefer to trust the words of people who have lived there:

“On clear days you can see the Aeolian Islands:  Stromboli, Panarea, Salina, Lipari, Vulcano. On the last day of April and the 13th August, if you look from the Capo Vaticano you might be lucky enough to see the sun setting into the crater of Stromboli.  Sometimes, at sunset in winter and spring, you can glimpse Capo d’Orlando which lies further afield in Sicily.  Quite often, a huge snow-capped mountain appears… this is Mount Etna.  So just by looking along the horizon you can see two volcanoes, both of which are active.  It isn’t magic, but if you are lucky enough to see this, you might feel otherwise.” Giuseppe Berto


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