tropea, capo vaticano, villaggio turistico, hotel village eden tropea, capo vaticano, villaggio turistico, hotel village eden tropea, capo vaticano, villaggio turistico, hotel village eden
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89866 - Capo Vaticano (VV)
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tropea, capo vaticano, villaggio turistico, hotel village eden




Departure by fast motor-boat to the Aeolian Islands from Hotel Village Eden boarding point. Arrival on Vulcano at 10,15 hours and pause to visit the island: known in particular for its clay and warn sea waters. Possibility to take a dip on its famous black beaches. At 11,15 hours departure for Lipari. Arrival and pause to visit the most important Aeolian island. Of particular interest is the acropolis with its cathedral and the archeological eolian museum. Possibility of taking a walk around the center or going around the island by bus (optional) or shopping. Free lunch. At 14,30 the excursion continues to Stromboli. Circumnavigation of the island in order to admire the famous “firetrail” (a build up of deposits along the island which become luminous as water passes over them). Pause in Stromboli for one short visit to the center of San Vincenzo with its typicals alleys and its eolian constructions. Possibility to have a swim in limpid waters. At 17,40 hours departure for Calabria. Arrival expected in the place of disembarkation between the hours 19,00 and hours 19,40 approximately.


Morning departure from hotel in order to reach Viola coast and the strait of Messina. Short pause on the way. From Villa San Giovanni continue by ferryboat to Messina. Cross the city to continue on panoramic route for Taormina situated at the feet of the Tauro mountain. In splendid panoramic position, Taormina is one of the most important cities of Sicily and is one of international reputation. Visit of the city with its Greek theatre dating back to the 3 th century A.C, the Corvaia palace and the Odeon. After the visit, time for shopping or visits throug the numerous alleys of the town center ( advised also a visit to the botanical garden). Free lunch. Afternoon departure for Calabria. Pause in Messina for one short visit of the splendid Norman Cathedral from the 12 th century and the famous clock tower. Return in evening to the hotel.


Departure from the hotel in the morning. Following the coastal road of Capo Vaticano and Pizzo the route will be reached up. The excursion continues through the plains of Gioia Tauro and the Viola coast with short pause on the way. From Villa San Giovanni continue by ferryboat to Messina. The excursion continues the panoramic road to Catania in order to reach the south of Etna: the greatest active volcano in Europe. Climb towards secondary craters and the guided visit along the walk. Time to reach the main crater by jeep (optional and dependention vulcanic conditions). Lunch free. Later in the afternoon departure for Taormina Sea in order to admire the evocative beauty of its coast with its splendid Island and the Bay of Mazzarrò. Short pause for photos. Evening return to the hotel.


Arrival in the morning at Tropea: considered “The pearl of the Tyrrhenian ” its built on a pile of rocks overlooking the sea. Visit to the splendid small church of Santa Maria of the Island, and the excursion continues around the characteristic historical center from the ancient houses, the Norman cathedral and the numerous narrow lanes. At the end of the visit time for shopping and a visit to a typical city market. The excursion continues to Capo Vaticano with a pause at Santa Maria. Free lunch, and possibility to bathe in the sea. In afternoon, panoramic walk in order to admire evocative “praia del fuoco” from above. The continues along the coast of Pizzo. Pause to visit the Aragonese castle and the historical center. Time to taste the famous home-made ice cream of Pizzo called “tartufo”. Departure for the hotel with short pause to visit the small church of Piedigrotta.


Morning departure from the hotel to arrive at Cosenza, one of the most important cities of Calabria. Visit on foot the historical center raised on the Pancrazio. Of particular interest are the cathedral (constructed in the twelfth century) in which is found the tomb of Isabella of Aragon and the theatre Rendano. From the Rendano public square its possible to admire part of the Svevo castle. In late morning the excursion continues for the plateau of the Sila, the most extensive of southern Europe. Arrival at Camigliatello. Time for a visit of the small town and for lunch (optional). In the afternoon excursion to the national park of Calabria, woods where are enclosures with typical Calabrian fauna: stages, deer, wolves. Departure for the hotel.


Morning departure from the hotel and arrival at Serra San Bruno. Morning dedicated to the famous calabrian greenhouses famous for the Certosa (founded by San Bruno of Colonia in the eleventh century). Visit to the Certosa museum that gives examples of the monastic atmosphere of this clausure. The visit continues to the church of Santa Maria of the forest, the place where San Bruno lived and died. Time to visit the inhabited with its numerous churches. Free lunch in the afternoon, the excursion continues for Pizzo. Visit of the small church of Piedigrotta (totally dug out of the tuff) and of the historical center with its Aragonese castle. Time to taste the famous home-made ice cream called “tartufo” in one of the many premises of the public square. Departure for the return in hotel.


Departure in the morning from the hotel in order to reach Locri. Locri is one of the oldest colonies of Greek origin in Calabria and dating from the eighth century before Christ. The famous colony became known also thanks to Zaleuco (famous greek legislator). Visit to the archeological park and museum. Continuation of the visit in late morning for Gerace. Today national monument, is considered to be among the most interesting of small medieval cities with its characteristic alleys, buildings, and craft shops in the historical center. Of particular interest are the cathedral (largest in Calabria), the church of San Francesco dating back to 1252 and the remains of Norman castle. Time to for individual visits. Free lunch. In the afternoon departure for Stilo. Native land of Tommaso Campanella philosopher “little bell” was also defined also the city of the sun. Of particular historical and cultural interest is the famous “Cattolica” (the oldest bisantine church of Calabria dating from the ninth century). Departure for the hotel.


In the morning departure from the hotel for Reggio Calabria. Short pause along the way. Arrival at Reggio Calabria and visit to the cathedral reconstructed after the earthquake at the beginning of the century in neo-romanesque style. After the visit, time for shopping on the Garibaldi highstreet or a beautiful walk along the promenade (described by Gabriele D’Annunzio the beautifulst km of Italy). Free lunch. In the afternoon visit to the archeological museum where the numerous archeologicals finds of the Magnia Grecia are kept and in particular the famous Bronzes of Riace. Departure for Scilla. Arrival and visit of around this splendid city. Of ancient origins wrapped around the myth of Ulyssis. Scilla emerges on a rock land dominated by the Ruffo castle which divides the center into two parts: with in the aerea there is a characteristic district of fishermen called “Chianalea” and in the other we have a large port with promenade and the splendid beach of the mermaids that opens on to the strait of Messina. At the end of the visit departure for the return for the hotel.